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Qualifications Criteria for Rentals

We will accept all applications. No one will be prevented from applying for any home for rent. The below conditions are general guidelines and do not encompass all conditions pertaining to leasing of properties. If you are not sure if you will qualify, please feel free to contact the Listing Agent/Property Management before applying online.

Upon application failure of applicant to respond to requests for additional information of funds after 3 days will be denied.


 For the Property Rentals

A fully signed complete lease application must be submitted with security deposits before processing can begin.


Income guidelines to be as followed are:

A.  If Rent including all utilities

Max rent not > 50% of Gross Monthly Income rent with utilities.


B. If Rent does not include utilities

Max Rent not > 36% of GMI rent w/o utilities.      


    Including long term debts:

    Debit Ratio not > 70/ not >60 respectively of GMI


No more than 2 incomes to qualify.


Income Requirements: Income requirement for self-employed: 1099 employees will be considered using net income adding in depreciation Part time employment will be considered after 2 years continuous time.


   Co-signers may be considered on case-by-case basis.

   No out of State Co-Signers will be considered.


    Housing Voucher Program participants will be reviewed based on

    Program Guidelines dictated by the housing program standards.

Rental Occupancy: The Maximum number of persons who will be allowed to occupy a dwelling is usually calculated one of two ways; by the Federal Guidelines of 2 persons to a room plus 1, which is referred to as the Keating Memorandum or by the BOCA Standard. “Every dwelling unit must contain a minimum gross floor area not less than 150 Square feet for the first occupant and 100 Square feet for each additional occupant. Every room occupied for sleeping purposes by one occupant shall contain at least 70 feet of floor area and every room occupied for sleeping purposes by more than one person shall contain at least 50 square feet of floor area for each occupant.”

“In determining floor areas of rooms occupied for sleeping purposes, the term “floor area” shall not include floor area of halls or walkways, bathrooms, stairs, kitchens, laundry areas, closet or other storage areas, but may include dining room areas where consistent with other provisions of BOCA Code.”


   Children aged 5 or under may share a bedroom without regard to

   minimum square footage requirements.

   Reasonable accommodation will be made in the case of care

   givers for ill occupants or newborn children. All such

   accommodations will be at the Owners discretion.


Pets: No Rottweiler, Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinchers, Akita, Chows or Mixed Breeds of Dogs above w/o specific owner’s approval are allowed to visit or reside in premises. Service animals and ESA will be reviewed and considered with property paperwork.


Security Deposit: Minimum of 1 Month’s security deposit is required with the possibility of 2 months if credit dictates.

No payment plans to pay security deposits.


Good Credit will be defined as: no more than 3 Judgments No greater than $5000 in judgments or not > 10% of AGI

Credited scores cannot be less than 550 as measured by any of the three major credit reporting bureaus, Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian.

Recognized Service animals may include any breed size or weight but must adhere to reasonable resident rules in regards to leases, pet clean up, noise and aggressive behavior. 


All multiple applications with more than 1 income to

qualify will be based upon financial stability, job stability, credit scores.   When possible, owners will be given final authority to decide upon tenant approval. In the absence of ability to contact owners, management will make informed decision.



Agents will verify all VOR, VOE, credited items upon the

running of credit reports.


Commercial /Corp leases signed by or rented by Company officers will always have criminal background checks run for any adult tenants. Personal Guarantees may be necessary with commercial leases.


No Credit reports will be given to applicants.

Processing will only be done after processing fee is paid.

All processing fees are considered earned when paid.


Management will not run credit reports if on face value of application prospect is unacceptable.


No military IDs are to be photocopied per Federal Law